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Muscle Ease

Muscle Ease

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60 min/90 min
Experience maximum tension relief with silver clove to soften the muscles and relax the back and shoulders. 

Treatment benefits

• Improves circulation
• Relieves muscular and joint pain
• Enhances flexibility
• Softens muscles
• Improves sleep quality
• Reduces stress levels

Treatment Information

Feel the tension in your body melt away with our Muscle Ease massage. Our qualified therapists use silver clove and rhythmic pressure to work through your body's stress and soften the muscles. The ultimate massage release designed to improve circulation, reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Please let our therapists know if you are pregnant.

Pre & Post Care

Pre-care treatment:
• Drink plenty of water before your appointment to stay hydrated.
• Take a shower before so that your skin is clean.
• Avoid caffeine, alcohol, heavy food or other stimulants before the massage.
• Wear loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment.
• Arrive early to allow yourself time to relax in the atmosphere.
• Tell your therapist of any medical conditions, injuries or areas of pain and discomfort
Post-care treatment:
• Drink plenty of water after the massage. This helps rehydrate you and flush out the toxins released during the treatment.
• Rest. You deserve it.
• Allow your body to fully benefit from the treatment and avoid strenuous activities.
• Gentle stretching exercises help keep the effects of the treatment and avoid muscle discomfort.
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