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Pure Paraffin Pedicure

Pure Paraffin Pedicure

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60 min
A soothing foot pedicure in which the feet are submerged in warm parrafix wax to soften and heal the skin.

Treatment benefits

• Removes dead skin build-up
• Smooths and hydrates feet
• Relieves aching feet

Treatment Information

Rejuvenate and soothe sore feet with the Pure Paraffin Pedicure.
After a full nail and cuticle treatment, your feet are soaked in paraffin wax to soothe and soften the skin. Sit back and relax with a luxurious pedicure and paint for the ultimate pamper.
Note: We do not remove acrylic from nails or shellac from other beauty salons as part of this treatment.

Pre & Post Care

Pre-care treatment:
Please inform the pedicurist if you have foot or fungal infections, cuts or open sores, diabetes or circulation issues, allergies or sensitivities or if you are pregant or nurshing.

Post-care treatment:
Maintain good foot hygiene after the pedicure. Keep your feet clean and dry. If you experience any allergic reactions or redness, please consult a healthcare professional.
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